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Update on the IPIECA-IOGP Oil Spill Response Joint Industry Project


The IPIECA-IOGP Oil Spill Response Joint Industry Project (OSR-JIP) has completed seven of the 24 Good Practice Guides that are being rewritten or newly created as part of the update of the IPIECA oil spill preparedness and response report series, and are now available for download on the OSR-JIP website. Titles in the completed Guides include:

  • Oil Spill Training
  • Sensitivity Mapping
  • Health & Safety
  • Oil spill waste minimization and management
  • A guide to shoreline assessment (SCAT) surveys
  • Incident Management System
  • Exercise Planning

It is intended that the revised series, including the addition of entirely new documents, will conclude in March 2015. New publications will be added to the IPIECA website when available.

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