Calendar15 June 2021

The updated guidance includes matured risk identification and management processes, as well as updated tools and guidance developed by Ipieca and the wider industry.

The Water management framework is a risk-based, continuous improvement process to water management, which can be applied across any local hydrological, environmental, social-economic and regulatory setting. It facilitates an integrated approach to water resources management and can also be used as a communication tool with external stakeholders on how the industry is managing and protecting water resources. The framework takes a holistic view across the value chain and promotes a collaborative approach to identify and understand potential impacts on ecosystem services and the needs of other users.

The framework consists of four key stages, which are underpinned by stakeholder and regulatory engagement throughout:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementation and operation
  3. Evaluation
  4. Management review

As part of the update to the Water management framework, Ipieca has also updated its Water Goal:

To be the recognised leader in water management for the oil and gas industry, delivering proactive and collaborative approaches to meet challenges in the availability and quality of water at existing and future operations and as Ipieca members contribute to the energy transition.

Download the Water management framework.

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