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The 2023 theme for the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) World Maritime Day – 'MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on' - reflects the organization's long history of protecting the environment from the impact of shipping via a robust regulatory framework and emphasizes its ongoing commitment to this important work.

The IMO-UNEP-Norway Innovation Forum 2023 will take place as part of the World Maritime Day celebrations, during which Ipieca’s Fuels and Products Working Group Chair Christophe Pouts (ExxonMobil) will participate in a panel session titled From IMO 2020 to IMO 2030: How IMO’s fuel standards support innovation in marine fuel production (MARPOL Annex VI), providing insights from fuel suppliers.

Supporting the MARPOL Convention

Ipieca works with the IMO to support MARPOL, the main international convention covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships, which includes six technical annexes.

The topics below also present how Ipieca supports MARPOL and its annexes through a range of expertise around technologies, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, marine spill preparedness and response, health and safety.

Raising awareness of emerging technologies

Ipieca works to enhance understanding and uptake of technologies which can support a sustainable shipping sector. Our Exploring low-emissions pathways for transport identifies a range of solutions including lower-carbon fuels such as liquefied natural gas, biodiesel and ammonia, and how energy efficiency gains can be made through engine and ship design.

Collaborating on global emission reduction efforts

Ipieca supports IMO to address GHG emissions from shipping, providing life cycle analysis of shipping fuels, technical inputs on enhanced fuel and engine systems and analysis on how to make cleaner marine fuels available to ship owners.

In July 2023, the IMO adopted the landmark revision of its Initial GHG Strategy aiming to reach net-zero GHG emissions around 2050. Ipieca provided industry technical feedback and actively participated in discussions to support the revision.

Marine spill preparedness and response

Ipieca has a long-term partnership with the IMO, the Global Initiative, which provides training in 80 countries to develop national structures and capability for marine spill preparedness and response. Ipieca also works closely with the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee on issues related to marine spill preparedness and response.

Health and safety of marine personnel

Technological solutions for more sustainable shipping must also consider their potential impact on seafarers and marine personnel. Ipieca, in collaboration with the IMO and the international shipping community, published a guidance on safe handling and operational issues related toThe supply and use of <0.50%-sulphur marine fuel.

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