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Please register if your organization is a member of IPIECA. The process is simple and only takes a few moments to complete. Registering will allow you to: 

  • Access Members area 
  • Access Members only resources and news 
  • Collaborate if you are a member of a Working Group or a Task Force 
  • View current details of working groups and secretariat activity 
  • See other members of your company who are registered 
  • Select topic of interests and receive email alerts for new or updated information 
  • Sign-up to IPIECA workshops and events 
  • Keep us up to date with your contact details 

Following successful registration you will receive an email containing details of your account and instructions on how to login to the website.

Note: If you are an employee of an IPIECA member please register using your company email address. 

If you are not an employee of one of our members you can sign up here to receive email updates on IPIECA activities. 

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