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2019 Annual Review: Celebrating 45 years of industry collaboration and global partnerships

April 2020

The theme of this year’s Annual Review is ‘Celebrating 45 years of industry collaboration and global partnerships’. It reflects both the long-standing partnerships and new collaborations between IPIECA, its members and stakeholders that have collectively advanced the social and environmental performance of the global oil and gas industry since 1974.

The Review looks at IPIECA’s key achievements during 2019. It also looks back at some of the key milestones throughout our 45 years of history.

In his statement, IPIECA Chair, Rupert Thomas, discusses how IPIECA ‘leveraged the expertise of our members, collaborated with a wide range of partners and used the full reach of our collective networks to make a real difference to complex climate, energy, environment and social issues.’

Looking to the future, IPIECA Executive Director, Brian Sullivan, comments ‘To address climate change and achieve sustainable development, all parts of society will have to work together. I am excited about the part that IPIECA will play in meeting the most critical challenges facing our generation and those to come.’

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