Calendar1 May 2018

The BES Fundamentals guidance document which brings together information essential to informing BES strategy development and decision making at the corporate level and at the key stages of an asset life cycle for any type of operation or environmental context.

The document sets out a management framework comprised of six interrelated BES management practices along with an overview of tools for application within these practices, case studies of how these are being applied, and references for more detailed guidance.

The six interlinked management practices are:

  1. Build BES into governance and business processes.
  2. Engage stakeholders and understand their expectations around BES.
  3. Understand BES baselines.
  4. Assess BES dependencies and potential impacts.
  5. Mitigate and manage BES impacts and identify BES opportunities.
  6. Select, measure and report BES performance indicators.

This guidance is designed to align with, and be complementary to, other related publications and guidance on BES and BES impact assessment and risk management.

A summary of this document is available here.

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