Calendar8 July 2019

According to many projections, including the IEA Sustainable Development Scenario, oil and gas are likely to power the world's transport and industry, and provide feedstocks for petrochemicals for decades to come. As part of the transitions underway to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, could industry develop an enhanced oil recovery process whereby more CO2 is captured and stored underground than is released into the atmosphere from production and use?

Our third Ipieca carbon capture and storage (CCS) webinar of 2019 will explore the concept of coupling CCS with enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to deliver a low-greenhouse gas intensity source of oil. Such a technology would have to clearly measure and verify this intensity with a full life cycle analysis which includes the source of the CO2. Care would also need to be taken with 'double-counting' of emissions reductions.

Our presenters Wolfgang Heidug, Senior Research Fellow and Colin Ward, Research Fellow from KAPSARC, the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre, will provide a perspective on technical and policy opportunities and challenges of this approach.

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