Calendar27 April 2020

Hydrogen is a flexible energy carrier that produces low greenhouse gas emissions, and could be used across a range of energy-intensive sectors: electricity generation; transport; heat and cooling for industrial, business and private residential use. It also has energy storage potential. Natural gas coupled with CCS may offer an affordable and scalable option for the provision of hydrogen as a global energy carrier.

Presented by Corin Taylor of DNV GL, this Ipieca webinar will explore the potential of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to support hard-to-decarbonise sectorssuch as manufacture of steel, cement and petrochemicals in the transition to net-zero emissions. In addition, the webinar will examine what 'zero carbon' means in practice and the policy mechanisms needed to bring hydrogen and CCS technology to market.

Corin will also discuss some of the technical aspects of a hydrogen economy including:

  • The challenges of using hydrogen fuel cells for aviation, shipping and heavy and light duty road transport;
  • The routes to generating hydrogen;
  • Repurposing existing natural gas infrastructure for use with hydrogen; and
  • The potential air quality and public health benefits of hydrogen.

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