Calendar26 May 2020

Presented by Colin McGill of BP, the webinar will cover the genesis and state of play of the Net Zero Teesside project that aims to facilitate the first decarbonised industrial cluster in the UK, capturing up to six million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually by 2030 from local, carbon-intensive businesses.

Net Zero Teesside is a full chain CCUS project owned by OGCI Climate Investments as a non-operating shareholder, and is being developed on its behalf by five companies; BP, Eni, Equinor, Shell and Total, with BP leading as operator. The project was identified in September 2019 as one of five global CCUS hubs for OGCI's CCUS KickStarter initiative, aimed at unlocking and bringing forward large-scale investment in the technology.

Colin will explore aspects of the project that have been shared as part of an extensive consultation process such as:

  • how the project will contribute to the UK government's Clean Growth Strategy and achieving 'net zero';
  • the type of technology that may be employed;
  • the proposed power station, carbon capture plant and booster station, and the options being considered for the gas, electricity and water connections, and CO2 pipelines;
  • opportunities to connect to other power stations with and/or for carbon capture; and
  • the timeline for the project and key milestones.

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