Ipieca-IOGP compendium of energy and GHG efficient technologies and practices

The online database provides an introduction to energy efficiency measures for oil and gas facilities, and aims to raise awareness and uptake of such technologies and practices across the industry.

The examples are based largely on existing documentation, and accompanying case studies are provided where possible. Whilst there are existing sources of information on upstream and downstream energy efficiency and GHG emissions reductions for the industry, these are not always easy to locate or freely available. This database seeks to resolve that by providing a single central resource.

13 of the technologies and good practices have been updated in 2022. The remainder will be updated throughout 2023.

Alternative thermodynamic cycles (2022)
VOC recovery Systems (2013)
Vacuum systems (2013)
Turbo-expanders (2013)
Fuel-fired furnaces and boilers (2022)
Solar thermal (2013)
Pumps (2022)
Pinch analysis (2022)
Power Recovery Turbines (2013)
Passing Valves (leakage) (2013)
Open-cycle gas turbines (2022)
Offshore Drilling Rigs (2013)
Nuclear (2013)
Heat pumps (2013)
Heat exchangers (2022)
Green Completions (2014)
Flaring classification (2013)
Flaring: continuous production (2013)
Flaring: operational (non-continuous production) (2013)
Flaring: start-up flaring (2013)
Flowlines (2014)
Energy performance monitoring and optimization (2022)
Electric Motors (2014)
Energy efficient activation (2014)
Energy-efficient design for carbon dioxide reduction (2022)
Ejectors (2022)
Cooling systems
Compressors (2022)
Combined heat and power (2022)
Combined-cycle gas turbines (2022)

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