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Local content. A guidance document for the oil and gas industry (2nd edition)

April 2016

This document offers guidance on understanding and delivering local content in relation to oil and gas projects. It builds on the 1st editionwhich covers topics such as building local workforce and supplier capacity, and implementing and sustaining successful local content strategic plans. The second edition has two aims:

  1. To offer oil and gas companies practical advice on how they can realize the potential value of local content; and
  2. To offer all stakeholders suggestions on ways to help create shared value through local content development.

The Guidance begins with identifying local content within the wider context of national, local and company expectations and obligations. It then explores the potential of local content to create shared value for stakeholders, outlining an approach that encourages producer countries, resource developers, their supply chain and other stakeholders to work collaboratively. The document also identifies an extensive range of related challenges and opportunities, closing with a focus on establishing organizations to deliver value from local content.

The Annexes provide a wealth of tools and information to support local content activities, from analysis, planning and collaboration to implementation and evaluation. The Guidance is also accompanied by a case study appendix exploring a number of themes, including skills development programmes and local content performance management.

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