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Supply chain library of questions and resources

September 2021

The IPIECA Supply chain library of questions and resources has been developed as a tool for oil and gas companies to assess potential supply chain risks and impacts across a broad set of sustainability topics including labour rights, working conditions, diversity and inclusion, security arrangements, community, and environmental responsibility. It also includes practical considerations and resources to help manage these risks.

The library contains:

  1. Questions – a collection of questions that may be used to identify and/or assess supply chain risks. These questions can be used as part of the pre-qualification process or in on-ground audits. Users can pick and choose the questions that meet their needs and are of most relevance to them.  
  2. Resources - A compilation of third-party principles related to the sustainability topic categories. These examples of external guidance documents and frameworks form the foundations on which the questions are based, as they outline international good practice, which can be applied when managing supply chains.  
  3. Supplementary information - An overview of challenges and opportunities associated with supply chain management, providing further insights and understanding.

The primary audience for this library is procurement practitioners, however, it can be used more broadly by those procuring services, suppliers who are seeking to review their practices, or interested parties seeking to understand supply chain risks and impacts relevant to the oil and gas industry.

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