Calendar1 July 2015

In 2007 the OGP-Ipieca Health Committee published Health Performance Indicators - a guide for the oil and gas industry. The principles described in that report were used to develop two tools: the first indicated the extent of health management of 8 areas across each participating company globally; the second allowed for in-depth analysis at site and corporate level. The results provided were first published in October 2012 presenting data from 2008-2011.

During 2014, Ipieca and OGP collected the data and responses from 26 participating companies to develop the report. In addition to the 2014 data submission, the 2013 data submission is presented for the gap analysis tool, by statement score, as a comparison to the 2014 data. Percentage tool results for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 are shown to allow comparison with 2014 results.

This report provides an indication of the health management performance for each company and helps to identify weak areas and areas for improvement.

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