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Calendar2 November 2020

Natural gas can have an important role to play in a low-emissions future, with clear benefits when compared with other fossil fuels, particularly in terms of climate impact and air quality improvements, if methane emissions are controlled across the gas value chain.

Over the past years, Ipieca has actively worked with its member companies to improve performance in reducing methane emissions. It has developed a variety of activities, ranging from the organization of workshops to the publication of factsheets, in order to enhance knowledge and to encourage participation among the oil and gas industry and external stakeholders.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Give participants an understanding of:
    • the fate of methane in the upper atmosphere and the latest scientific understanding of the global methane cycle (sources, sinks, etc.); and
    • the types of methane measurement approaches that have been developed for different applications (academic field studies, corporate methane management, etc.) and the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.
  • Consider the questions that should be posed before selecting technology types for detection and quantification and what conclusion one might (or might not) be able to draw from the information; and
  • Facilitate a discussion on methane emission inventory developments in companies and countries.

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