Calendar16 April 2014

Revision 2016

In the event of a major incident, neighboring companies may be asked to provide responders, oil spill response equipment and associated materials, either individually or as part of a mutual aid programme.

In general, mutual aid plans are written to encompass the possibility that responders can move freely from unaffected to affected member companies in times of crisis management. Properly designed and executed, the arrangements should, at a minimum, provide assistance to the receiving company without compromising the protection of the individual or the donating company.

It is accepted that arrangements will vary from country to country and region to region, and that local cultural factors will play a part in the exact arrangements that are put in place, however it is considered valuable to have a set of templates and guidelines that could be used to develop local arrangements and agreements.

With the assistance of law firm CMS Cameron McKenna, and under the supervision of the OGP Legal Committee, a generic template on responder indemnification has been developed along with a template "Emergency Personnel Secondment Agreement" to assist in the drafting of local agreements.

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