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Calendar28 November 2022
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The Ipieca-OGCI Natural climate solutions: high carbon stock ecosystems management guidance supports the Paris Agreement goals by setting out the key principles to help energy companies conserve, enhance and restore the high carbon stock ecosystems where they operate.

The guidance builds on the Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals, which Ipieca and IOGP published in 2016, and provides six natural climate solutions (NCS) management practices to ensure that NCS projects deliver positive outcomes to mitigate climate change that also benefit people and nature:

  1. Build NCS into governance and business processes
  2. Engage stakeholders and understand their expectations around NCS
  3. Understand NCS baselines
  4. Assess NCS dependencies and potential impacts
  5. Mitigate and manage NCS impacts and identify NCS opportunities
  6. Select indicators and measure and report NCS performance

Who is this guidance for?

This guidance is for those working in nature-based solutions, climate change and carbon strategy, biodiversity and ecosystems services, and energy transition units in oil, gas and alternative energy companies.

NCS can have a positive impact onmitigating climate change while also providing additional benefits,including economic growth and diversification, improvement of human health and livelihood and protection of biodiversity and water resources, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Introduction to the NCS guidance

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