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Calendar10 December 2020

Natural gas can have an important role to play in the energy transition and the pathways to a low-emissions future, but only if methane emissions are controlled across the gas value chain.

Ipieca actively works with its member companies to improve performance in reducing methane emissions and is a supporting organization of the Methane Guiding Principles (MGP), a voluntary initiative comprising industry international institutions, non-governmental organizations and academia. One of the MGP principles is to advance strong performance across the gas supply chain. To this end, the MGP has produced a set of ten best practice guides and a best practice toolkit.

During this webinar, Matt Harrison of SLR Consulting and Dave Allen of the University of Texas at Austin, who co-authored the guides, will:

  • give an overview of their scope and content,
  • show how operators can best make use of them; and
  • present a worked example of the methane cost model screening tool to evaluate potential reduction projects.

Presenter biographies

Matt Harrison has been working on methane measurement, quantification, and reduction for various clients for over 25 years. He is published in many peer-reviewed journals and is sought out as a strategic consultant by a large number of oil and gas clients. As a Senior Principal at SLR, he manages technical air quality services for a variety of research entities and energy industry clients. Matt's teams provide analysis of new technologies, air and GHG emissions inventory and protocol development, field detection and measurement, and emission reduction strategies.

Dr. David Allen is the Gertz Regents Professor of Chemical Engineering, and the Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Resources, at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Allen has been a lead investigator for multiple air quality measurement studies, including studies that made some of the first measurements of methane emissions from unconventional oil and gas production. He directs the Air Quality Research Program for the State of Texas, and he is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the American Chemical Society's journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. He has served on a variety of governmental advisory panels and from 2012 to 2015 chaired the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board.

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