Accelerating action: an SDG Roadmap for the oil and gas sector (Roadmap) is an initiative led by Ipieca, the global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance, in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The Roadmap identifies how Ipieca, as an industry association, and oil and gas companies working within the sector, can work towards a low-emissions future while contributing to a healthier and more prosperous world aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Roadmap builds on the foundations of the 2017 Ipieca-UNDP-IFC Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Atlas (the Atlas), by presenting a series of impact opportunities which focus on where the sector can maximise its contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These impact opportunities involve scaling up good practices in environmental and social performance and building on innovative partnerships, while recognising the importance of the energy transition in the world’s aim to achieve net-zero emissions under the Paris Agreement.

The Roadmap includes actions for Ipieca as well as suggestions for action for companies within the sector to help guide, inform and influence decision-making within their businesses.

It is hoped that the Roadmap will be used to inspire collaboration within the industry, convening the sector to realise the ambitions of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

Ipieca also hopes that the Roadmap will foster collaboration throughout the supply chain and stimulate cross-sectoral cooperation to amplify SDG impact.

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The Roadmap follows the three-step framework described in the WBCSD’s SDG Sector Roadmap Guidelines.

Ipieca members convened via a series of in-person and virtual workshops to:

  • Map the oil and gas sector’s current level of SDG impact in its operations and supply chain, and identify priority SDGs for the sector.
  • Identify impact opportunities for Ipieca and the sector to contribute to the SDGs and develop actions which can be adopted to realise these opportunities.
  • Develop a call to action for Ipieca, sector companies and stakeholders to catalyse their impact on the SDGs through engagement with, and implementation of, the Roadmap.

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Priority SDGs

Although the oil and gas sector has the potential to advance all 17 goals either directly or indirectly, for the purpose of this Roadmap 10 SDGs were identified as priority areas where the sector has the most influence or ability to respond to societal needs by driving innovation and impact in its own operations and across the value chain. SDG 17 ‘Partnerships for the Goals’ was identified as a cross-cutting Goal essential to all impact opportunities.

Impact opportunities

The Roadmap outlines eight impact opportunities which highlight where Ipieca and the sector can accelerate action and drive impact on the priority SDGs that it identifies. These impact opportunities are grouped into three themes: climate, nature, and people. The Roadmap then identifies corresponding impact pathways to realise these opportunities, comprising a series of specific short, medium and long-term potential actions for both Ipieca and individual companies. Applicability of the suggested actions in the Roadmap to any particular company will be dependent on a range of variables such as company size, business models, operating regions, public policies, and other factors specific to the particular company.
The following table summarises the eight impact opportunities.

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Ipieca will ensure a broad roll-out of the Roadmap, which will be used in the following ways:

  • Ipieca new strategy and annual business planning activities will embed key Roadmap actions and will function as a vehicle for delivery. Ipieca will monitor emerging trends which may influence priorities outlined in the Roadmap, and will share informative case studies to demonstrate how Ipieca, its members and others are using the Roadmap and contributing to the SDGs.
  • Companies within the oil and gas sector may use the Roadmap as inspiration for SDG-led strategies, activities and collaborations. Multi-stakeholder dialogue is required for the successful implementation of this Roadmap, as many challenges addressed go beyond the capacity of an individual company.
  • Supply chain and other stakeholders can use the Roadmap to understand possibilities for collaboration to maximise SDG impacts and strengthen dialogue with Ipieca and oil and gas companies.

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