This Roadmap outlines how the oil and gas sector can accelerate action and scale up activities to contribute to the 2030 Agenda. A series of 93 actions across eight impact opportunities and three systemic themes present Ipieca, oil and gas companies and supply chain stakeholders with a shared vision on where to focus collaboration, innovation and transformation efforts that will help to manage future risks and maximise contribution to the SDGs.

The success of the Roadmap is dependent on collective implementation and Ipieca encourages interested parties to contact us with ideas to align projects or strengthen partnerships.


Ipieca launched a new four-year strategy (2021–2024) in December 2020, that includes a vision which combines advancing the oil and gas industry’s environmental and social performance with supporting the sector’s contribution to the energy transition in the context of sustainable development. The strategy was developed in parallel with this Roadmap and recognises the significance of Ipieca’s members’ contribution to help meet the aims of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. Ipieca’s annual business planning activities will embed key Roadmap actions and will function as a vehicle for delivery.

Ipieca develops, shares and promotes good practice and knowledge to help the industry improve its environmental and social performance. We understand that the issues that dominate the global agenda – advancing climate action, environmental responsibility, social performance and mainstreaming sustainability – are too big for individual companies to tackle alone. This is why Ipieca brings together its members along with its key stakeholders to achieve real impacts.

Sophie Depraz, Ipieca Programme Director


WBCSD will continue to work closely with Ipieca, promoting this Roadmap and supporting and challenging the organization and its members as they seek to implement the key actions it identifies across the themes of climate, nature and people. Drawing from experience in developing and implementing roadmaps across a variety of other sectors, WBCSD will also seek to provide guidance to Ipieca and its members on the most effective ways to monitor, measure and report on progress.

Oil and gas companies

Companies are encouraged to use the Roadmap for inspiration to build or consider activities and collaboration in the context of existing SDG-led strategies. Integration of the SDGs into core business activities will help the sector to build resilience against the backdrop of the transition to a low carbon future, while also helping it to manage regulatory and reputational risks, and to leverage emerging opportunities in terms of new markets, access to sustainable finance and attracting and retaining top talent.

It is recognised that some actions in the Roadmap may need to be tailored to reflect the different characteristics of different actors in what is a very diverse sector. Many of the challenges the SDGs address are beyond an individual company’s capabilities or control, and outside the sphere of its core business activities. Therefore, multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration is key to the successful implementation of this Roadmap.


Supply chain stakeholders are also invited to explore the Roadmap to understand entry points available for further collaboration, alignment and dialogue that will help to maximise SDG impact. Other stakeholders such as civil society organizations, policymakers or investors which monitor the implementation of the SDGs may find this Roadmap useful to deepen their understanding of the potential of the oil and gas sector to contribute to the SDG agenda and to strengthen their dialogue with Ipieca and/or companies within the sector.

Making an impact

To ensure the Roadmap remains relevant and that partnerships continue to focus on the areas where action is most needed, implementation of the Roadmap will require stakeholder engagement and monitoring of emerging trends and developments which may ultimately influence the priorities. Ipieca will also share informative case studies to demonstrate and share information as to how Ipieca, its members and others are using the Roadmap and contributing to the SDGs.

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