Responder training and exercises are essential pre-conditions for effective marine spill response, which requires personnel who understand and can perform a variety of emergency response and incident management functions. When a marine spill occurs, the issue of health and safety, both for the public and marine spill responders, is a serious consideration and identifying the principal issues, their degree of severity, and the practical steps that can be taken to minimize the impact of the spill is critical.

Volunteer managementPDFTechnical report
Oil spill trainingPDFGood practice guide
Oil spill exercisesPDFGood practice guide
Oil spill responder health & safetyPDFGood practice guide
Mutual Aid Indemnification and LiabilityPDFTechnical report
Incident management system (IMS)PDFGood practice guide
Guidance for subsea source control competency and skillsPDFGood practice guide

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Marine spill
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