Ipieca was formed in 1974 at the request of the UN Environment Programme to act as the UN-industry liaison channel.

As a non-lobby organization with UN CBD observer status, we have attended CBD COP events since the first one in 1994. Ipieca’s role at CBD COP15 is to listen to negotiations, feedback the outcomes to our members and when finalised integrate the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) into our workstreams, producing the good practice and tools to enable the oil, gas and alternative energy industry to operationalise the GBF and contribute to its targets.

Ipieca has provided industry technical feedback for the draft versions of GBF to ensure that it is as ambitious as possible and can be implemented across the industry. Ipieca participated in phase one of the COP15 in 2021, as well as the CBD Business and Biodiversity Week which followed. Ipieca has also taken part in the phase two pre-event meetings which focused on providing the scientific and technical knowledge the negotiators at COP15 need to make informed, ambitious policy decisions to support the realisation of the Paris Agreement.

While on site at COP15, the Ipieca delegation will use the opportunity to host, participate in and listen to events, workshop and meetings to explore opportunities for collaboration and to drive action on the issues under discussion, including:

CSBI side event on Nature positive: The emerging business as usual

9 December 14:30-16:30, Action Zone, Place Quebec

Is nature positive for the extractives sector a contradiction in terms or an opportunity for accelerated action? Mining and extractives have been found to account for 6% of the global pressure on biodiversity (BCG, 2021). Yet, as land and resource stewards operating in shared landscapes, the opportunity for collaboration and collective contribution could be large. What should a meaningful and credible contribution to creating a nature positive world look like?

In this session we will hear from extractives and finance specialists on how to conserve and restore nature whilst supporting the energy transition. Some of the strategies to be discussed include: circular models, nature-based solutions, sustainable financing and landscape-scale approaches.


Santiago Martinez Ochoa, Head of Sustainability and Decarbonisation, Ecopetrol

Peter Marcus K. Greve, Leading Engineer Sustainability, Equinor

Hayley Zipp, Director of Environment, ICMM

Steven Dickinson, Corporate Biodiversity Expert, TotalEnergies

Official CBD side event – Ipieca-IUCN event on Mainstreaming biodiversity in oil and gas and alternative energies

9 December 18:15-19:45, Blue Zone side event 2 512F

Hosted by Ipieca in collaboration the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this side event will provide delegates with an understanding of good practices in managing biodiversity in the oil and gas and alternative energy sector. In particular this side event will focus on biodiversity action plans, a systematic approach to biodiversity management, conservation and enhancement that can build on, and be integrated with existing company processes throughout a project life cycle.


Ana Cristina Sanchez-Thorin, Environmental Manager, Ecopetrol

Magnus Eriksen, Leading Advisor Impact assessment & biodiversity management, Equinor

Pippa Howard, Director - Sustainability, Fauna & Flora International

Stephen Edwards, Senior Programme Manager, IUCN

Karen Westley, Vice-President for Carbon and Environment and Downstream Safety, Environment and Asset Management, Shell

Steven Dickinson, Corporate Biodiversity Expert, TotalEnergies

Denise McCorry, Principal Biodiversity Scientist, Woodside Energy

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