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As a goal of 2024, Ecopetrol has proposed to intervene 958 kilometers of roads. As of December 2022, 708 kilometers have been intervened, which represent 74% of the goal set; 204.18 kilometers correspond to projects completed in 2022, which benefit more than 546,900 people, contributing to the dynamism of the regions, access to better land mobility conditions, and the generation of employment, mostly local.

Additionally, the consolidation of this alliance, framework agreement, among the government of Meta, the mayor's office of Puerto Gaitán, the Meta Infrastructure Agency - AIM, the Colombian Petroleum Association - ACP, Frontera Energy, Tecpetrol, Cepsa, and Hocol S.A., joining efforts to support upgrading of the road that leads to the Rubiales rural district where more than 40,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Puerto Gaitán will benefit through the reduction of transportation costs associated with the production of over 160,000 tons of crops like corn, soybean, rice, and oil palm.

The implementation of this project will greatly contribute to the execution of the Circular Economy Roadmap, an outstanding element of Ecopetrol's TESG Strategy, through the implementation of differentiating technologies for the management and use of oily residues.

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