The Ipieca Principles and the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap are key frameworks through which Ipieca aims to inspire action. This repository provides tangible examples of how members are operationalising the principles and embedding SDG Roadmap actions in their business, offering inspiration and insights for other companies. The examples are supplemented with relevant Ipieca good practice guidance and resources to further support companies to take the next step on their sustainability journey.

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Education and investment in energy efficiency
  • Map-pinRomania

România Eficientă' is a unique initiative in Romania, aimed to create a culture of energy efficiency in the building sector.

Carbon neutralization of jet fuel
  • Map-pinJapan

INPEX and partners jointly undertook the carbon offset jet fuel across its entire supply chain for select flights during May 1-31, 2023, coinciding with the G7 Hiroshima Summit in Japan.

REDD+ carbon credits
  • Map-pinGuyana

Hess Corporation and the government of Guyana announced a historic agreement that will serve to support Guyana’s efforts to save the country’s vast forests and provide capital to improve the lives of Guyana’s citizens through investments made by the government as part of Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030.

Joint venture with Siguler Guff for emissions management software
  • Map-pinUnited States of America

Halliburton, in collaboration with Siguler Guff & Company, LP, launched Envana Software Partners, LLC, providing emissions management software solutions for the oil and gas sector.

3D printing: from science fiction to industrial reality
  • Map-pinNorway

Equinor utilizes 3D printing to revolutionise spare parts production, reducing lead times, costs, and CO2 emissions.

Carbon neutral fuel
  • Map-pinJapan

In October 2023, ENEOS and HIF Global, a leading eFuels company, announced a cooperation agreement designed to encourage the sale of carbon neutral fuel in Japan.

Strategic alliances with the Center for Innovation and Technology - Colombia Petroleum Institute (ICP)
  • Map-pinColombia

The TERRA project is aimed at estimating carbon stocks and fluxes in ecosystems and sustainable production systems, directing natural climate solutions implementation to decarbonize operations.

Floating wind turbines
  • Map-pinChina

CNOOC has deployed a revolutionary deep-water floating wind power on the Guanlan platform, located in the South China Sea, aiming to supply green power to its offshore oil and gas production facilities, constituting a significant move towards renewable energy adoption and emissions reduction in their operations.

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