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‘From agreement to action: build back biodiversity’ is the theme this year, emphasising the need for action following the outcomes of COP15 and the launch of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

Ipieca and the GBF

Ipieca was actively involved in the COP15 process which resulted in the GBF, taking part in pre-COP workshops, the virtual first phase, providing industry technical feedback on the draft GBF and participating in COP15 in Montreal, where Ipieca hosted an official side event on mainstreaming biodiversity. Ipieca is now focused on raising awareness and support for the GBF and providing the guidance to enable the industry to operationalise the framework.

Supporting the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Ipieca has had UN CBD observer status since 1994, and support for the UN CBD is one of eight Ipieca Principles, which are a condition of membership. Our biodiversity guidance is underpinned by the UN CBD and most Ipieca guidance is already aligned with the GBF targets.

Ahead of COP15, we published A guide to developing biodiversity action plans, providing step by step guidance on biodiversity management, conservation and enhancement that can be integrated with existing company processes throughout a project life cycle. Ipieca will host a webinar on 5 June during which Ipieca members will explain how they produce biodiversity action plans.

A holistic approach to nature, climate, people and sustainability

Ipieca recognises that climate, nature, people and sustainability are interconnected and provides a unique platform to work on these topics in a holistic way, maximising impact.

The Ipieca-OGCI Natural climate solutions (NCS) guidance supports energy companies to design NCS projects which deliver climate mitigation outcomes as well as enhance nature and local communities.

The Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap sets out SDG impact pathways across the systemic themes of climate, nature and people. There are two nature impact pathways: resource management; and biodiversity, land and water stewardship.

Scaling up impact through collaboration

Ipieca convenes a significant portion of the oil, gas and alternative energy industry with key stakeholders’ from UN, civil society and academic institutes as well as other sectors to share knowledge and good practice to protect and enhance nature, including UNEP, UNEP WCMC, CSBI, TNFD and IUCN .

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