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UNDP-IFC-Ipieca webinar: Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Calendar3 January 2018

The 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a common global framework for navigating the world's most urgent economic, social, and environmental challenges. While governments have the primary responsibility to prioritize, coordinate and implement efforts to meet the SDGs, there is wide recognition that the private sector and civil society will play critical roles in the implementation of national plans.

Ipieca releases technical support document on oiled wildlife
  • Calendar19 December 2017

Ipieca has released a new publication - Key principles for the protection, care and rehabilitation of oiled wildlife. This was developed in support of the Ipieca-IOGP guidance Wildlife response preparedness. The document provides additional guidance for animal protection and care in an oiled wildlife response to help operators and responders: Understand the overarching principles of wildlife response, including:

'Dispersant storage, maintenance, transport and testing' publication launched
  • Calendar8 December 2017

Ipieca has released a new publication - Dispersant storage, maintenance, transport and testing. This was produced in support of the Ipieca-IOGP guidance on surface and subsurface dispersant. Dispersant use can mitigate the overall impact of an oil spill by removing oil from the sea's surface, thereby protecting marine mammals, birds, coastal habitats and shorelines. The oil and shipping industries and their regulators place a high priority on the prevention of oil spills.

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