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Community liaison officers guidance and toolkit now available in French and Spanish
  • Calendar16 April 2019

Ipieca's Community liaison officers team building and management guidance, is now available in French and Spanish.

World Water Day 2019
  • Calendar22 March 2019

Ipieca's work on water risk helps companies to evaluate their water needs in relation to the local context throughout each part of the oil and gas value chain.

Ipieca guidance: Labour rights in the oil and gas industry
  • Calendar12 March 2019

Ipieca's new series of guidance on managing labour rights addresses the potential human rights impacts and issues that may occur through business relationships, particularly in the industry supply chain.

Ipieca's engagement at the 2018 UN Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights
  • Calendar23 November 2018

During the forum, Ipieca will host an interactive session on Human rights due diligence in the oil and gas industry ....

Community liaison officers team building and management guidance
  • Calendar8 October 2018

This document aims to assist community relations managers in planning their community liaison teams and recruiting community liaison officers (CLOs).

Launch of Making the business case for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Calendar12 January 2018

Ipieca has developed a set of tools to help make the business case for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and improve internal company due diligence processes for social performance.Four tools have been developed: Risk terminology: This generic risk terminology was designed based on the outcomes of a survey of member company methodologies for enterprise risk management. The purpose is to provide a framework for how to structure the work on adverse impacts, risks and costs. Adverse impacts chart:

UNDP-IFC-Ipieca webinar: Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Calendar3 January 2018

The 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a common global framework for navigating the world's most urgent economic, social, and environmental challenges. While governments have the primary responsibility to prioritize, coordinate and implement efforts to meet the SDGs, there is wide recognition that the private sector and civil society will play critical roles in the implementation of national plans.

Human Rights Day 2017
  • Calendar10 December 2017

Ipieca has been working on human rights for over a decade, and our members support the ...

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