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Ipieca launches 'Environmental and social good practice for the energy transition'
  • Calendar6 March 2020

Ipieca launches a compendium of good practice and tools useful for the alternative energy sector.

2nd Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework
  • Calendar5 March 2020

Ipieca had an opportunity to comment on the draft framework during the OEWG meeting in Rome last week.

Guidance on lower-sulphur fuels and road transport published today
  • Calendar3 March 2020

Ipieca has released updated guidance on lower-sulphur fuels, managing road transport emissions and improving air quality.

Ipieca proud to support SPE HSE & Sustainability conference in Bogota
  • Calendar7 February 2020

Ipieca endorses SPE HSE & Sustainability conference, 17-19 March.

Ipieca releases updated industry guidance on Globally Harmonized System
  • Calendar25 October 2019

The document has been revised to include new research on the hazards of petroleum-related substances and constituents.

Key takeaways from World Water Week 2019
  • Calendar5 September 2019

See some of Ipieca's key takeaways from World Water Week 2019.

Ipieca is endorsing the Sustainable Ocean Summit 2019
  • Calendar24 July 2019

The Sustainable Ocean Summit will take place in Paris 20-22 November, with the theme 'Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy'.

Ipieca celebrates World Environment Day
  • Calendar5 June 2019

This year's theme is 'air pollution'. Air quality in urban areas, especially in developing countries, is a key concern for policymakers and citizens.

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