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Oil spill preparedness and response

IPIECA has been working for over 30 years to harness the oil and gas industry’s collective expertise and technology on oil spill preparedness and response. While prevention is always the ultimate goal, IPIECA gives equally high priority to developing the capability to respond to spills. IPIECA develops good practice and facilitates industry forums to share oil spill preparedness and response.

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  • GIWACAF_regionalconf22.png
    Insights from the ninth GI WACAF regional conference

    The conference brought together 120 participants, including key government and industry representatives from the 21 African partner countries to discuss global oil spill preparedness and response capabilities.

  • Econ-compensation-news.png
    Ipieca-IOGP launch updated 'Economic assessment and compensation for marine oil releases' guidance

    For incident management and emergency response personnel.

  • World Maritime Day 2022.png
    World Maritime Day 2022

    This year's theme 'New technologies for greener shipping' reflects the need to support a transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future.