Calendar20 May 2019

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an essential component of the energy transition process and the transformation of the global energy system during the 21st century.

The IPCC have stated that the cost of achieving the Paris aim - of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees - without CCS would increase by 138%. But value is not just about costs, and CCS does not just apply to power generation - the technology has a key role to play in industrial sectors like cement, chemical and steel production. These sectors underpin the development of our economies and societies and without CCS it will be difficult for them to contribute.

Our second Ipieca CCS webinar of 2019 will explore the value of CCS to society. This is part of a series that Ipieca is holding to support deployment of CCS and help attendees understand how it can contribute to both the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The webinar will feature Dominique Copin of Total and representing the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI). Dominique will share his detailed analysis, with keen insight on the value of CCS to society and the energy transition, regional perspectives on its deployment and potential to support the future development of technologies such as hydrogen.

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