Calendar9 December 2020

Ipieca is pleased to welcome Samantha McCulloch, Head of the CCUS Unit at the International Energy Agency (IEA), as the presenter of our next webinar in the series on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).

Samantha will cover recent IEA publications related to CCUS, examining how CCUS is a critical technology in delivering cost-effective pathways to meeting the aims of the Paris Agreement. CCUS covers a group of technologies that can reduce CO2 emissions from a range of industrial sectors and opens the door to the industrial-scale negative emission technologies needed for a transition to a net-zero future.

The webinar will focus on CCUS in:

Presenter biography
Samantha McCulloch is the Head of the CCUS Unit at the IEA. Her team provides leading analysis and insights on the global deployment of CCUS technologies. Samantha is a lead author of several IEA publications, including the recent Energy Technology Perspectives special report on CCUS in Clean Energy Transitions.

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