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Calendar14 November 2016

This publication builds on Ipieca's 2015 Paris Puzzle, providing perspective on the common elements and enablers of pathways to meet a low-emissions future.

Ipieca supports the Paris Agreement as an important step in addressing the risks of climate change. Meeting its aims implies a transformation of the energy system over the course of this century. There are many possible pathways to reach a low-emissions future, however, most pathways share three common elements: improving efficiency and saving energy; reducing emissions from power generation; and deploying alternative low-emission options in end-use sectors.

Governments, business and industry, investors, consumers and civil society will need to collaborate closely to enable the transition. The oil and gas industry provides more than half of the world's energy, and is an essential partner in sustainable development. Using its skills, capabilities and resources, the industry will play a key role in helping to transform the energy system.

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