Calendar20 December 2023

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) are essential to advancing human rights, providing a globally recognised framework for governments and companies to protect and respect human rights. Since the UNGPs were launched, Ipieca and its members have worked together to produce a suite of guidance and tools to support the industry to operationalise the UNGPs.

This video provides an introduction to human rights, including the key elements of the UN Guiding Principles, why human rights are important for the energy sector, the impacts the sector can have on human rights, and how employees in the sector can raise human rights concerns and mitigate impacts.

The video is available with English or Spanish subtitles. Use the language toggle above to choose.

Human rights introductory awareness video - English

Originally published December 2022. Subtitles added December 2023.

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