Calendar24 October 2023

Since the Paris Agreement, Ipieca has continued to work on the topic of low-emissions pathways highlighting the fundamental role and contribution of the oil and gas industry in addressing the challenge of a transition to a low-emissions future. The concept of net-zero emissions is a key element of the discussion around low-emission pathways and the energy transition required to meet the aims of the Paris Agreement.

This glossary was developed to support the oil and gas industry and other stakeholders in the use of consistent terminology around net-zero emissions.

The definitions used in this glossary are based upon those which have been observed in the public domain, including academic papers, industry experience and member companies' experts. Many of these definitions have been adapted for ease of understanding, however those which have been included verbatim, or near verbatim, have citations.

It is important to note, that this is an evolving area and many of the definitions contained within this glossary will most likely continue to be refined and updated as time progresses.

Second edition. First edition published January 2022.

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