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    • Calendar27 February 2012

    This guide presents a structured process for the systematic identification, assessment and management of the risks associated with tasks that place specific demands (physical or psychological) on employees.

    • Calendar28 February 2011

    Substance misuse is an issue of widespread global concern, and one that demands attention from all sectors of society and industry. Aside from the obvious potential for workplace disruption, and the deleterious effect on

    • Calendar28 July 2010

    The purpose of this guide is to help managers and supervisors at all levels in the oil and gas industry to be aware of the threat of tuberculosis (TB), and to help them mitigate the impact of TB on their companies' projects and operations.

    • Calendar28 October 2009

    This document provides general background on drilling fluids and the various categories of base fluids and additives currently in use. It outlines potential health hazards associated with these substances, looks at potential areas for human exposure presented by drilling operations, and introduces risk management methods and monitoring processes aimed at reducing the risk of harmful health effects.

    • Calendar28 July 2009

    Food and water safety is of paramount importance for effective functioning of the oil and gas industry. All sectors of the industry, from frontier exploration and production locations, to retail operations, are potentially at risk.

    • Calendar28 May 2009

    Many oil and gas companies have operations in extreme climates, and this work can pose a number of hazards, including extremes of temperature as well as wind and humidity. These guidelines aim to provide practical information to line management and health professionals in order to help protect and maintain health, and prevent accidents, illness and loss of life.

    • Calendar28 July 2006

    This document provides an introduction to health risk assessment (HRA) processes as well as a CD-based template giving examples of HRA specific implementation.

    • Calendar28 April 2006

    This guide helps oil industry managers and supervisors understand, recognize, and deal effectively with stress in the workplace. It encourages and enables a holistic approach to the management of workplace stress, with a focus on prevention. The guide is designed to complement current practice, which tends to focus more on developing employee ability to cope with stress and, when this fails, on treatment options.

    • Calendar1 May 2005

    This document is intended to provide a set of resources for oil & gas industry professional tasked with formulating policy and implementing best practices across their organisations.

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