Ipieca promotes environmentally responsible operations across the oil, gas and alternative energy sector to advance protection of the natural environment, minimise and mitigate risks and impacts from operations and products, and contribute to nature positive outcomes.

Ipieca convenes industry and stakeholders to identify, develop and promote good practices in operations, joint ventures and the supply chain, covering a full spectrum of environmental issues including biodiversity and ecosystem services, water management, nature positive, impact assessment, circular economy, and marine spill preparedness and response. Ipieca aims to facilitate good environmental practices and advance efficient use of natural resources across the energy transition as oil and gas remains an important part of the energy mix.

Environmental stewardship

Since 1974, Ipieca has convened industry and stakeholders to work on a broad range of environmental topics associated with oil and gas operations. This allows Ipieca members to identify and address environmental risks and impacts, facilitate the sustainable use of natural resources and promote environmental good practice throughout the supply chain and across the energy transition.

Protecting biodiversity

Ipieca works with the oil and gas industry to responsibly integrate the management of biodiversity and ecosystem services across the life cycle of oil and gas operations.

Water management

Ipieca enables the oil and gas industry to proactively identify potential water risks and collectively manage water issues.

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