The energy transition is a global challenge. Meeting the increasing demand for access to safe, clean and affordable energy, while simultaneously curbing emissions from global energy production and use will require a broad range of solutions.

As the world moves towards a low-carbon economy, alternative energy technologies are becoming an ever more important part of the energy mix. Over the last few decades, oil and gas companies have been increasingly using, investing in and producing energy through alternative technologies such as wind and solar.

Advancing environmental and social performance across the energy transition

The scale up of alternative energies, necessary if we are to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, need to take into account climate, environmental and social risks associated with their development and use.

Ipieca is committed to advancing environmental and social performance across the energy transition. With its broad scope and knowledge base across climate, environmental, social and sustainability and a membership that includes companies making significant investments in alternative energy technologies, Ipieca is uniquely positioned to support the sustainable scale up of alternative energies.

Developing and sharing good practice across oil, gas and renewables

Ipieca’s core role is to develop and share knowledge and good practice. Our Environmental and social good practice for the energy transition: A compendium of Ipieca good practices highlights Ipieca guidance and tools which can help alternative energy developers advance the environmental and social performance of their operations. In line with Ipieca’s vision and strategy, all Ipieca guidance and tools are developed to support oil, gas and alternative energy projects. We engage pro-actively with a range of stakeholders to explore collaborative opportunities to advance climate action, environmental responsibility and social performance across oil, gas and renewables activities.

Ipieca is currently finalising a literature review of existing wind and solar supply chain and carbon footprint management practices. Ipieca will then develop good practice in those areas where there are gaps in existing guidance.

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