The Ipieca Principles and the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap are key frameworks through which Ipieca aims to inspire action. This repository provides tangible examples of how members are operationalising the principles and embedding SDG Roadmap actions in their business, offering inspiration and insights for other companies. The examples are supplemented with relevant Ipieca good practice guidance and resources to further support companies to take the next step on their sustainability journey.

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Creating a green hydrogen supply chain from Spain to the Netherlands
  • Map-pinSpain and the Netherlands

Cepsa and ACE Terminal have entered into an MoU for the supply of green ammonia to the planned import terminal in the port of Rotterdam. This ammonia will be converted back into hydrogen for industrial use or utilized directly in shipping and other industries in Northwest Europe.

Archie Project - enhancing GHG emissions estimations
  • Map-pinSaudi Arabia

As part of its commitment to sustainability and transparency in the energy sector, Aramco supports the Archie Initiative, a scientific project aimed at improving estimations of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhancing transparency in the global energy supply chain.

Turning carbon dioxide into rock
  • Map-pinUnited Arab Emirates

ADNOC has initiated drilling for a pilot project aimed at advancing energy transition plans by mitigating emissions from fossil fuels. This initiative, set to become the region's first carbon-negative project, underscores ADNOC's commitment to decarbonization.

Revolutionising methane emissions detection
  • Map-pinPermian Basin

The Permian Basin is a large area, and methane emissions can be difficult to detect from the ground. ExxonMobil has developed a balloon, nearly the size of a basketball court, which carries advanced imaging technology and data processing platforms that can detect methane emissions over a vast area.

Improving energy efficiency at OxyChem plants
  • Map-pinUnited States

OxyChem operates a billion pound-per-year capacity ethylene cracker at its plant in Ingleside, Texas. OxyChem estimates that it is eliminating approximately 970,000 metric tons per year of total CO2e due to the highly efficient design.

The SGE Methodology for LNG cargo
  • Map-pinSingapore

QatarEnergy and Chevron have partnered with Pavilion Energy to create a Statement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Methodology. The initiative is one of the first to develop and publish a methodology specifically to quantify the GHG emissions associated with a delivered LNG cargo.

Using innovative technology to upgrade flash gas
  • Map-pinUnited States

Shell installed technology in 2019 in its Permian Basin (Texas) asset to reduce oxygen concentrations in oil tank vapors. As a result the gas now meets pipeline quality specifications for off-site sales, allowing it to be monetized and reducing flaring by 40%.

Scaling clean hydrogen technologies
  • Map-pinFrance

In a private-public partnership model, SLB is partnering with French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Comissions (CEA) and partners to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective technology for producing clean hydrogen, a versatile energy and key component of the energy transition.

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