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Joint methane glossary for the natural gas value chain

IPIECA, IOGP, GIE and MARCOGAZ have published a joint methane emissions glossary covering the entire natural gas value chain.

Natural gas can play an important role as part of the global energy mix in a lower carbon future, provided that levels of methane emissions from the extraction, processing and transmission of natural gas to the end user are limited. Due to the relatively short-lived but potent warming effects understood to be associated with methane, there is increasing focus on actions throughout the natural gas value chain to increase reporting and further reduce methane emissions.
IPIECA published a Methane glossary in 2018 with the objective to support the industry and stakeholders in the use of consistent terminology, and to improve confidence in understanding and managing methane emission sources to further improve performance in reducing methane emissions.

Together with IOGP, GIE and MARCOGAZ, IPIECA has now published a new methane emissions glossary covering the entire natural gas value chain.
This joint glossary is expected to be an invaluable reference tool for understanding the terminology of regulations and legislative processes. The European Commission recently published a Communication on an 'EU strategy to reduce methane emissions' - which precedes a legislative process - with new regulations on methane emissions expected later in 2021.

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