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Calendar1 March 2020

As part of Ipieca's strategic review process, we invited key stakeholders to advise, question and challenge our objectives and priorities.

This webinar brings together leading figures from the UN, academia and non-governmental organizations to explore the role that the oil and gas industry and Ipieca can play in the energy transition.

During the webinar, Ipieca asks key stakeholders to share their views on how the oil and gas industry can play a role in the energy transition, and what can Ipieca do to support this, as well as how Ipieca can ensure that environmental and social performance continue as key levers of the energy transition.


  • Mark Radka, Chief, Energy Branch at United Nations Environment Programme
  • Jane Nelson, Director of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School
  • Janet Peace, Senior Vice President of Policy and Business Strategy at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
  • Marielle Canter Weikel, Senior Director for Responsible Mining and Energy at Conservation International
  • Gerard Bos, Director, Global Business and Biodiversity Programme, International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
  • Rupert Thomas, VP for Sustainability, Shell (Moderator)

Webinar insight report

The report includes each speakers' insights on the technologies, actions and pathways required to achieve the energy transition and recommendations for how Ipieca, its members and the industry can accelerate their development.

There was agreement across the panellists that Ipieca's good practice can be of real use to sectors beyond oil and gas, that our expertise in human rights and social responsibility means we can be champions of a just transition and as a convener of industry, a proactive and constructive voice in the energy transition.

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