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PETRONAS has partnered with 12 other organizations, including Southeast Asian oil and gas producers, governmental agencies and international organizations to launch the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Energy Sector Methane Leadership Program (MLP). The MLP represents a significant advancement towards stronger regional collaborations for methane abatement. It is designed to empower energy companies in ASEAN to reduce their methane emissions through a series of masterclasses and workshops that focus on capacity and capability building to strengthen companies’ plans, targets and financing options for reducing methane emissions. PETRONAS’ key partners for the MLP are the ASEAN Centre for Energy, the ASEAN Council on Petroleum, PERTAMINA, PETRONAS, PTTEP and the United States Agency for International Development, while also being supported by other international organisations, industry bodies and international oil and gas companies.

The first masterclass was held in November 2023, with 55 participants representing more than 15 organizations in attendance. It featured modules on methane detection, measurement, quantification and mitigation as well as discussions on emissions monitoring for flares and methane policy directions.

The MLP indirectly supports the objectives of the Global Methane Pledge of reducing national emissions by 30% by 2030 and the recently launched COP28 Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter that pledges ‘near-zero’ methane emissions by 2030. The MLP provides a platform for the ASEAN oil and gas industry to demonstrate practical action and signal commitment to reducing methane emissions as well as creating awareness for a sustainable change, inspiring others to act and encouraging greater accountability from all stakeholders.

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